Our Safaris – an awesome Experience!

With a range of activities to explore, we are well-placed to embark on a few adventurous African experiences. Whether you’re an adventure seeking explorer, a culture vulture, a nature lover, sporty or all of the above, the surroundings have something exciting for you to experience.

With an average of 200 days of sunshine per year, activities include snorkeling at Kosi Bay Mouth, in the “aquarium” with it’s incredible number of fish species swimming in the warm sea water, bathing in the sun, enjoying the untouched Kosi Bay beach, taking a hike through the sub-tropical Raffia Forest or kayaking on the clear blue water of the lakes. Kosi mouth is great for kids and very safe in the shallow waters of the lagoon.

Eye-opening African experiences for the culture vulture include day trips to the Hole in the wall market on the South African/Mozambican border where you are sure to be entertained by the hustle and bustle of everyday African market style busyness.

Hop on a boat for a cruise around the 4 Lake system, see Hippo, flamingo, and the old crocs. 

Snorkel around the fish traps and return richer from the experience!​

We also offer a 5 – 8 hour Tembe Elephant Reserve Safari, accompanied with a personalised guide of the Big 5 on sandy tracks, get out and view animals from a hide overlooking the waterhole.

From October to March, Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles nest at Bhanga Nek and all along the Maputaland coast. Sea turtles come from hundreds, and in some cases thousands of kilometers away to nest, because the area offers perfect turtle nesting areas and strict protection of the sea turtles and turtle eggs.  

Leatherback Turtle
Loggerhead turtle laying eggs
Leatherback hatch-ling

 Turtle tours to Bhanga Nek can be arranged through us. No driving on the beaches is allowed and all turtle tours are by foot. No members of the public are allowed to walk on the beach at night during the turtle nesting season (November – March).


The “aManzamnyama” or “Black Water” Lake is also known as Fourth Lake, and is home to many hippos and crocodiles
Rafia Palm tree Forest
Crossing the channel between Fourth Lake and Third Lake on a canoe made out of the fronds of the Rafia Palm tree.


WE REGRET, No Quad Bikes, Jetski’s, Water skiing, Kite surfing, Wake Boarding, Barefoot Skiing, Fly boarding, Parasailing, boat tubing.

Quad Bikes are absolutely not allowed as they are off road vehicles (not licensed to be on a public road).  All the roads in our area, leading to the lakes, the lodges and private dwellings are accessed by the public and are therefore considered a public road. 

Jetski’s, Water skiing, Kite surfing, Wake Boarding, Barefoot Skiing, Fly boarding, Parasailing, boat tubing: Not allowed on the lakes or the estuary.

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