Day Trips

If you don’t have a 4 x 4, no problem, we are here to drive you around and create memories with you!

We offer day trips to all the following beaches:

Bhanga Nek – or KwaDapha, is situated in north eastern KwaZulu-Natal, 15Km south of the Mozambique border. Bhanga Nek is the perfect family holiday destination, with endless golden beaches, rock and surf as well as lake and estuary fishing, pristine dune forests
and quaint accommodation establishments.

From October to March, loggerhead and Leatherback turtles nest at Bhanga Nek and all along the Maputaland coast. Turtle Tours at Bhanga Nek can be arranged through guides in the local community. No members of the public are allowed to walk on the beach at night during the turtle nesting season (November – March) but fishing is allowed with due consideration to the turtles (no bright light, don’t approach them etc.). If you do see a turtle on the beach during the daytime, please do not approach.

Black Rock – Being The only rock outcrop for several kilometers within the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, a UNESCO World Heritage side, Black rock is home to a lizard that is not found anywhere else in Africa, although it is found in Madagascar and the Seychelles. It is variously known as Coral rag lizard, or Bouton’s snake eyed skink or Cryptoblepharus boutoni. It seems that the ancestors of the present population must have arrived on driftwood carried by the Agulhas Current and have survived only on Black Rock. There it outcompetes the local lizards by living among the salt spray, but is unable to leave the rock because of competition from local lizards.

Lala Nek – This part of the country is characterised by semi-tropical bush, sweltering summer days, and mile upon mile of pristine beaches. Lala Nek is one of these pretty and secluded beaches, where the only regulars are the crabs, the fish, and the warm ebb and flow of the Indian Ocean.

Lala Nek is accessible to only a few vehicles, and the road to it includes about 10 kilometres of sandy tracks through the bush. But, arriving at the warm, white sands and taking in the clear azure of the waters is a breath-taking moment that is hard to beat. No permit is required to visit this beach, which is a massive advantage considering all the wonderful things there are to see and do here.

Lala Nek is a fantastic snorkelling spot, particularly at low tide, when the rocky areas are more accessible. Snorkellers can explore beneath and around the rocks to discover a host of crabs, fish, anemones, urchins, and colourful shells. Children will love dipping their heads below the water’s surface and discovering a magical world of vibrant colours and non-stop activity.

Of course, the abundance of sea life also lends itself to some excellent fishing from the surf, with a safe shore entry. But, the variety of birds overhead is impressive too, and keen birders should keep an eye out for some exciting marine and coastal bird species.

Ponta do Oura / Ponta MalengaanDue to COVID these options are not available

Ponta do Ouro is a seaside playground. It has boomed over the last few years with copious developments and is bound to change with the tarred road from Maputo to the Kosi Bay border. Ponta is a noisy party place and an enormous amount of fun, if that’s your kind of holiday.

Kick off the day with a trip to Fernando’s, where they serves great (heavy-handed) R&Rs . Visit the street market with all their crafts and clothes. Next to the only fuel station in Ponta do Ouro you’ll find a small shop with authentic hand-woven kikois called Ponki. The main weaver hails from Zanzibar and uses an old loom to create his beautiful one-of-a-kind designs at affordable prices. Then brace yourself for the bustling downtown market. This is where you’ll find bona fide peri-peri sauce, booze, tomatoes, onions, eggs, seasonal fruit (such as mango) for a steal, Sparletta and wax-print fabrics.

Have lunch at the Beach Bar and enjoy the afternoon on the beach, or take a drive to Ponta Malengane.