Kosi Mouth Activities

Kosi Mouth – hiking, kayaking and snorkeling activities: Kosi mouth is one of the most pristine beaches where you can snorkel in the “aquarium” with it’s incredible number of fish species, swimming in the warm sea water, bathing in the sun, enjoying the untouched Kosi Bay beach, or kayaking on the clear blue water of the lakes. Snorkel around the fish traps and return richer from the experience!​ Kosi mouth is great for kids and very safe in the shallow waters of the lagoon.​

You can contact us now (072 446 1525 or email info@kosi.co.za) for your next Kosi Mouth excursion.

  • Hiking / 4 x 4 Guided Tour
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Or all 3 combined