Ponta do Oura

Ponta do Oura / Ponta Malengaan – Ponta do Ouro is a seaside playground. It has boomed over the last few years with copious developments and is bound to change with the tarred road from Maputo to the Kosi Bay border. Ponta is a noisy party place and an enormous amount of fun, if that’s your kind of holiday.

Kick off the day with a trip to Fernando’s, where they serves great (heavy-handed) R&Rs . Visit the street market with all their crafts and clothes. Next to the only fuel station in Ponta do Ouro you’ll find a small shop with authentic hand-woven kikois called Ponki. The main weaver hails from Zanzibar and uses an old loom to create his beautiful one-of-a-kind designs at affordable prices. Then brace yourself for the bustling downtown market. This is where you’ll find bona fide peri-peri sauce, booze, tomatoes, onions, eggs, seasonal fruit (such as mango) for a steal, Sparletta and wax-print fabrics.

Have lunch at the Beach Bar and enjoy the afternoon on the beach, or take a drive to Ponta Malengane.

Give us a call on 072 446 1525 to make arrangements for your day trip to Ponta do Oura and Ponta Malengane.