Thonga Fish Kraals

The Thonga tribe ruled by the Tembe family have lived in this area for over 250 years. Since the days of King Shaka they have lived side by side with the Zulu nation. The border between Mozambique and RSA split the tribe and today the Tonga people live on both sides of the border. The area falls under King Mabuthu Israel Tembe and Chief Ncelapi Tembe.  These fish kraals are carefully regulated by the Tribal Authority for the area. This authority gives each family in the area the right to establish and maintain a particular fish kraal site. These fish kraals are found in the Kosi Estuary not far from the mouth. They have been in existence for hundreds of years and are a source of sustenance to the Tembe Tribal people.

You will be introduced to a local fish trap owner and he will explain and show you how it is built and provide you with the background of their tradition. A added bonus if you are at the kraal and there is fish, then you have the chance of spear the fish yourself and keeping it for dinner.

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