Whale Watching

July, August, and September mean whale watching season! Humpback Whales can be seen in the open waters of Kosi Bay and Mozambique.

Every winter pods of whales embark on their annual migration from Antarctica to the South East African coast to mate and calve, one of the lengthiest migrations in the world. The migration to the warmer climate ensures the safety of calves, from their natural predators the Orcas, as well as increases their survival rate in the warmer environmental conditions. They migrate to cold waters in high latitudes to feed and then move on to warmer waters to mate and give birth.

Humpbacks are considered the acrobats of the great whales and can breach (push their upper bodies above the surface) as high as 10 meters! These whales have a friendly and curious nature and are known to approach whale-watching boats or even spend a few minutes in the close range of/and underneath these boats.

These large Whales can grow to a length of 18 metres (60 feet). Their status is less vulnerable than the Southern right Whales.

Come and experience these ethereal mammals in all their glory while you indulge mind and body on one of the best beaches on the African continent! Combine this tour with our Kosi mouth activities and have an experience of a lifetime! Call us now on 072 446 1525 or email us at info@kosi.co.za.